The Final Review

Just written all this once and lost it. I hate computers. Writing it again while it is fresh in my mind. Today the gym will have to wait. Thius is my list of tasks to do based on my last few blog entries:

Normally, I write loads of lists. You either do or you don’t. Although I’m so overloaded at the moment that even the lists have gone out of the window!

This one is of my most recent entries.

The pond is great and providing hours of entertainment, for me and my man, at any rate. The general consensus from the kids is “Tadpoles are boring; when can we get some fish?” “Not until the tadpoles have turned into frogs” is the stock reply. I’ve heard rumour that sticklebacks eat tadpoles and I’m very protective towards my little friends. I’m already bracing myself for when they leave home, hopping away without so much as a thank you! Still no fountain to report.

Secondly, about to place my second monthly ethical order so all well on that front. Have not located any local produce yet. Have not made my presence felt at Asda yet. Could do better.

Also have not written to the cereal manufacturer yet but have not bought the cereal again either. Wondering if that counts as consumer power. Will anyone notice?

More on Africa to come but you’ll have to wait for my next entry!

What more is there to say about compost except that I came across a beautifully presented gift book entitled ‘Compost’, complete with corrugated cardboard cover no less, in a book club magazine! Whatever next?

Cakes. Definitely eating too many, that’s for sure. Still got plenty of ideas for fair trade cakes, although Saturday’s orange cake was literally held together with orange cream icing. Delicious but crumbled to pieces at the slightest touch!

Time to stop thinking about cakes and go to the gym. Perhaps I’ll make it this time.

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