Where there is no hope….

Our kids believe everything they read on the internet. If something is written down, then it must be true.
I guess we all are a bit like that. We can be swayed by the latest research, the article in today’s newspaper, the current bestseller…especially if it feeds into the niggling doubts at the back of our […]

Redressing the balance

As promised, the voice of reason will prevail here as opposed to the wacky suggestions in my previous posting - which by the way was far more entertaining than this will be, so I suggest you definitely read that one first!
In 50 WAYS TO BE MORE FRUGAL, there is an obvious link in some of […]


My Dad has the endearing habit of sending friends and family appropriate newspaper cuttings. My son receives all the news on the latest sports car; my husband reports of successful business ventures - and my latest offering? 50 WAYS TO BE MORE FRUGAL. (Daily Telegraph 12/9/07).Nothing personal, he would claim…just thought it would be […]


How is it that right now, a week after the start of term, it feels more exhausting the kids being back to school than it did before? Is it assimilating all the new routines - which day is swimming, PE, library….? Is it finding time to take back the new bag with the split seam […]

Back to life, back to reality

Sorry if any of you have noticed that I have been away for six weeks. Not intended, not planned for, but necessary for my survival.
With five kids, the summer holidays are my personal Everest, the biggest challenge of my year. Not that I dislike my children, but my energy and patience levels (along with money, […]

Greed is not good

Confession: I am not the world’s best housewife. Housework does not interest me. Being house proud is not in my nature. I do the bare minimum to keep the family ticking over.
So when my husband told me he was proud of me this morning, I was dumbstruck.
Then he went on. He was in fact proud […]

Happy Holidays!

Now there’s a thought. Maybe this year.
Six weeks of unpredictable weather and limited resources with five kids for an introvert like me is a daunting challenge. Strangely, with only six school days to go, I feel unrealistically optimistic.
“It’s going to be great. We’re going to have such fun….discovering the great outdoors, enjoying each others’ company, […]

Bring on the beans!

I watched the news report on Monday about cows and their contribution to climate change with disbelief. Not disbelief that the Ten O’clock News had a report on flatulence. Nor disbelief that tents are erected around the cows to monitor their methane production. Not even disbelief that scientists are looking for the perfect grass mix […]

Strawberry fields forever

I know summer has finally arrived when I get round to going strawberry picking. I love the idea and look forward to it with great anticipation but usually only ever manage to turn up when the season is over and all that‘s left to pick is gooseberries.
Anyway, yesterday, my little girl and I managed to […]

Pointing the finger

My daughter told me the other day that when you point at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you. I assumed she had been told this at school, but it turns out it was on some American sitcom!
It dominated my thoughts as I was reflecting on yesterday’s comments. Maybe the only way to bring […]