Out of the Ark

Whilst looking in vain for some ant powder in the garage, I came across a blast from the past - a half full plastic bottle of Ark window cleaner. What a find! Out of the ark more like! We worked out it must be twenty years old and have moved house with us six times. […]

Plan Do Review - Part 2

I have just reread up to the twentieth entry in Hometruth and have some further thoughts to share with you:-
On the subject of chocolate:
I have managed not to buy any of my recently relinquished favourite brand of chocolate in quite some time and am still trying to re-educate my palate. My head tells me that […]

My monthly cycle

WAIT! DON‘T SWITCH OFF YOUR COMPUTER JUST YET! I’m not about to divulge personal details you have no desire to discover (although the moon cup does fascinate me and one day, I may pluck up the courage to purchase one!)
I’m referring to my monthly shopping cycle, following on from my unsuccessful jaunt to the local […]