Water, water everywhere

I’ve just had the most fantastic experience. Ten minutes on my own in the local swimming pool. Completely on my own, swimming along with the sun streaming through the window. Bliss. Marred only by the anticipated arrival of the rowdy class of kids I’d passed on the steps on the way in.

water lily solar powered pond fountain
Gadget man’s suggestion for the pond!

It reminded me of how much I love water. Swimming in it, relaxing in it, watching it pounding on the shore, hearing it flowing over a stony river bed, even drinking it.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been so keen to have a pond in my back garden. Imagine my delight then when I found out that there are good sound environmental reasons for digging a pond. Something to do with oxygen production.. sorry, that’s where I stopped listening. My husband was over the moon, as you can probably guess! Anyway, it’s done. We filled it with water at the weekend. I’m pleased to report the water shows no signs of draining away and no-one has fallen in yet, although the kids were all keen to be the first. Now we’re waiting a week for it to settle or whatever before relocating plants and creatures from our vicar’s unwanted pond into ours. We can hardly contain our excitement.

Seriously. It’s great to see the kids get excited about something other than the TV. Our four year old animal lover is now passed the stage where she eats them and is learning how not to squeeze God’s creatures to death. She can’t wait to see frogs and newts - even a pond skater will be exciting at first, I suspect.

So why is the first question on everyone’s lips whether we are going to have a fountain or not? Isn’t a wildlife pond going to be enthralling enough as it is? Actually, we are toying with getting a solar powered water feature, but there seem so many things that could go wrong with one, that the initial outlay feels quite a risk to take for pond novices like ourselves

Maybe if and when the novelty wears off, it may become a more attractive proposition. I’ll let you know when we succumb.

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