Anyone else out there feeling that bed is the most inviting place in the universe and that the compulsion to consume all things carbohydrate is unbeatable?
I blame it on our in-built instinct to hibernate, although gadget man’s retort is that we are not animals and that I should get my human head on!
Anyway, maybe hibernation […]

Organic re-education Part Two

Now that I am becoming convinced that organic food will be eaten if put in front of my perverse children, I feel ready to move on to Phase Two. This involves dropping lesser known facts about organic farming into conversation without it looking like I am trying to be persuasive.
My two major obstacles in this […]

Organic re-education

I was truly taken aback last week, when my eleven year old son picked up a packet of Fox’s mini Crinkle Crunch biscuits and suddenly threw them down in horror.
“Ugh!” he exclaimed “these are organic. They’ll be minging! (youthspeak for disgusting)”
The words of the market gardener from my strawberry picking expedition rang in my ears. […]

Material Concerns

For my fortieth birthday, my husband gave me a Bible and a tattoo (not literally, of course - he faints at the sight of needles!). IMHO, the two are not mutually exclusive, although some seem to think so. I have never had Leviticus quoted at me so often as then (”Do not cut your bodies […]