Inspired to recycle?

My son was off school sick last Thursday. When boredom levels reached a peak, he decided to have a go at his GCSE Art coursework - a project on Rubbish. Whilst his artistic skills far exceed mine, he is always willing for me to help him come up with ideas…and on this subject, I would […]

Redressing the balance

As promised, the voice of reason will prevail here as opposed to the wacky suggestions in my previous posting - which by the way was far more entertaining than this will be, so I suggest you definitely read that one first!
In 50 WAYS TO BE MORE FRUGAL, there is an obvious link in some of […]

Fish in the foreground

I don’t really understand the internet and pathologically resist all attempts by my husband to explain it, so a comment posted on my blog from someone at the Marine Stewardship Council freaked me out. To be honest, I have the wrong personality for a blogger - I care too much what people think; I worry […]

Hemp Heaven!

During an evening of ethical online retail therapy (the ultimate in guilt free shopping!), I came across an irresistible buy. Writing paper and envelopes sporting what looked like a cannabis leaf. Made of hemp, apparently. Perfect for my offbeat world-wandering niece!
Wanted to mention it here as something a bit wacky, but realised I know absolutely […]

Strawberry fields forever

I know summer has finally arrived when I get round to going strawberry picking. I love the idea and look forward to it with great anticipation but usually only ever manage to turn up when the season is over and all that‘s left to pick is gooseberries.
Anyway, yesterday, my little girl and I managed to […]

Pointing the finger

My daughter told me the other day that when you point at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you. I assumed she had been told this at school, but it turns out it was on some American sitcom!
It dominated my thoughts as I was reflecting on yesterday’s comments. Maybe the only way to bring […]

Green my ride

It’s always good to find someone struggling with the same ethical dilemma as yourself. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed Martin Love’s article “The end of the road?” in the Ethical Observer magazine this weekend so much. Mind you, his Volvo sounds in a much worse state than our minibus. Give it time.
He reaches the conclusion […]

The Mystery Machine

I realise now that yesterday, I let slip something that I have been hiding for months from you. Not entirely deliberately, you understand, but I was a little fearful of your response, I have to admit.
We are not an average two car family. We do not even own a car. We have a minibus, our […]

The Final Review

Just written all this once and lost it. I hate computers. Writing it again while it is fresh in my mind. Today the gym will have to wait. Thius is my list of tasks to do based on my last few blog entries:


Normally, I write loads of lists. You either do or you don’t. Although […]

Go Green (in Gateshead?)

Our local newspaper now boasts a double page spread every Tuesday entitled Go Green! I only know this because it also features in the free weekly paper that comes through our door requiring no effort and expense on our part.
So we were scouring the paper last night for houses (even though we have no intention […]