Happy Holidays!

Now there’s a thought. Maybe this year.
Six weeks of unpredictable weather and limited resources with five kids for an introvert like me is a daunting challenge. Strangely, with only six school days to go, I feel unrealistically optimistic.
“It’s going to be great. We’re going to have such fun….discovering the great outdoors, enjoying each others’ company, […]

Green my ride

It’s always good to find someone struggling with the same ethical dilemma as yourself. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed Martin Love’s article “The end of the road?” in the Ethical Observer magazine this weekend so much. Mind you, his Volvo sounds in a much worse state than our minibus. Give it time.
He reaches the conclusion […]

The Mystery Machine

I realise now that yesterday, I let slip something that I have been hiding for months from you. Not entirely deliberately, you understand, but I was a little fearful of your response, I have to admit.
We are not an average two car family. We do not even own a car. We have a minibus, our […]