Hemp Heaven!

During an evening of ethical online retail therapy (the ultimate in guilt free shopping!), I came across an irresistible buy. Writing paper and envelopes sporting what looked like a cannabis leaf. Made of hemp, apparently. Perfect for my offbeat world-wandering niece!
Wanted to mention it here as something a bit wacky, but realised I know absolutely […]

Ashamed to be white

I’m reading a book at the moment that is making me ashamed to be British. No, it’s not about our national sporting achievements. Nor is it about our holidaymakers on the Costa del Sol.
Actually, to be more accurate, it makes me ashamed to be white. The book is ‘Blood River’ by Tim Butcher, charting the […]

The Football Factory

Every little boy wants to be a footballer when he grows up. Every parent wants their son to be a professional footballer. Don’t they?
I didn’t think I did until we were approached three years ago by a Sunderland AFC scout about our son. I can still remember how excited I was, what dreams I had, […]

Back to Africa

If the title implies I have already visited Africa, then I’m sorry - it’s more that I’m turning my thoughts back there. I am not one of those people that suffers from wanderlust and feels the need to travel the world, taking in diverse cultures, natural wonders, new experiences….. I have no desire to see […]

The Final Review

Just written all this once and lost it. I hate computers. Writing it again while it is fresh in my mind. Today the gym will have to wait. Thius is my list of tasks to do based on my last few blog entries:


Normally, I write loads of lists. You either do or you don’t. Although […]

Images of Africa

It was a pleasant surprise to open my daughter’s book bag with her at bedtime last night and discover one of the delightful “Handa” series by Eileen Brown. We all love “Handa’s surprise”, where Handa carries a bowl of various fruits on her head to her friend Akeyo in the next village and is in […]