Fashion Victims

I’ve never been what I would call a fashion victim. I’ve always cared too much about cost, practicality and comfort to become enslaved by the latest trend. In fact, I now have two questions about everything I try on:-
1. Am I too fat for this?
2. Am I too old for this?
I have to admit a […]

Plan Do Review - Part 2

I have just reread up to the twentieth entry in Hometruth and have some further thoughts to share with you:-
On the subject of chocolate:
I have managed not to buy any of my recently relinquished favourite brand of chocolate in quite some time and am still trying to re-educate my palate. My head tells me that […]

Use Less

People Tree sell a T shirt with USELESS on the design. Strangely, my husband is keen to get himself one. Not that he suffers from crushingly low self-esteem. On the contrary, he definitely has enough self-confidence to carry it off. Me and the kids haven’t knocked it all out of him yet. No - he’s […]