Plan Do Review - Part 2

I have just reread up to the twentieth entry in Hometruth and have some further thoughts to share with you:-
On the subject of chocolate:
I have managed not to buy any of my recently relinquished favourite brand of chocolate in quite some time and am still trying to re-educate my palate. My head tells me that fair trade dark chocolate would be the perfect choice. I find it impossible to binge on dark chocolate which I guess must be a good thing and I overheard one of the trainers at the gym saying that dark chocolate actually accelerates your digestion or something, so that it is really good for you to eat it everyday….in moderation of course!(that killer phrase again!). The kids don’t like it either so it stands more chance of still being in the cupboard at 10 o’clock on a Friday night when I’m desperate for a treat. Unfortunately, my taste buds are still lagging behind.
On the subject of housework:
Well, I’m not prepared to come clean yet about how little housework I actually do, but I can tell you that we have now switched to environmentally friendly shower gel, toilet cleaner, multi-surface cleaner and laundry liquid as well as dishwasher tablets and washing up liquid!
On the subject of fish:
I’ve failed big time on this one. Sorry. I do scan the fish packaging in the supermarket in vain for the mark of the Marine Stewardship Council, but have yet to find it on anything and resort to buying whatever I fancy. I need to reread the National Geographic article and get the issue back into my brain.
On the subject of sneakers:
Love them. Now that they’re worn in, that is. Have noticed Dr Who wearing a similar design and wonder if he could be encouraged to buy the ethical version. He probably wears a new pair every programme, if not every scene. (didn’t I read somewhere that David Beckham only ever wears a pair of trainers once? A different David, I know).
On that note, with the two Davids occupying my imagination, I’ll leave you………

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  1. To find retailers near you selling sustainable seafood with the MSC eco-label visit

  2. Thanks for the tip!
    That will help me find more ethical fish - watch out for a new blog posting shortly!


  3. hey my favourite new age original 80s supermum auntie!

    I finally got round to reading your blog! you’re more hi-tech than me!! bet u feel great knowing you were way ahead of the rest + an avant-garde global revolutionist way back before it was (as u might say) trendy!

    Have u tried Divine chocolate? Last time I tried it I thought it was amazing. Mmm I won’t be going there due to my status as recovering Nutella addict. I need to fit into my new YSL lingerie (and get a boyfriend)!!

    ps. will write proper letter ANY MINUTE NOW..! xxxxxxxxxx

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