Where there is no hope….

Our kids believe everything they read on the internet. If something is written down, then it must be true.
I guess we all are a bit like that. We can be swayed by the latest research, the article in today’s newspaper, the current bestseller…especially if it feeds into the niggling doubts at the back of our […]

Inspired to recycle?

My son was off school sick last Thursday. When boredom levels reached a peak, he decided to have a go at his GCSE Art coursework - a project on Rubbish. Whilst his artistic skills far exceed mine, he is always willing for me to help him come up with ideas…and on this subject, I would […]

Redressing the balance

As promised, the voice of reason will prevail here as opposed to the wacky suggestions in my previous posting - which by the way was far more entertaining than this will be, so I suggest you definitely read that one first!
In 50 WAYS TO BE MORE FRUGAL, there is an obvious link in some of […]

Fish in the foreground

I don’t really understand the internet and pathologically resist all attempts by my husband to explain it, so a comment posted on my blog from someone at the Marine Stewardship Council freaked me out. To be honest, I have the wrong personality for a blogger - I care too much what people think; I worry […]


How is it that right now, a week after the start of term, it feels more exhausting the kids being back to school than it did before? Is it assimilating all the new routines - which day is swimming, PE, library….? Is it finding time to take back the new bag with the split seam […]

Close Encounters

I wouldn’t have said I was much of an earth mother or a tree hugger, but communing with nature definitely does work wonders.
One of my cherished tadpoles has lost his tail and is now a frog. Imagine my joy. As if that wasn’t enough, I ate the first two ripe raspberries to appear. More joy.
I […]