One of the top 50…

…individuals who can save our planet according to the Guardian is Leonardo DiCaprio, no less. Ignoring the fact that he has the face and fame of a hero, the 33 year old actor has become an “impassioned environmentalist”. Having loved “The Beach”, I was interested to read that it was during the making of that […]

Thank who?

When I was walking past an Oxfam shop with my Dad a couple of weeks ago, I glimpsed a sign on the door saying that for any M&S item of clothing brought into the shop in a bag of unwanted clothes, you would get a £5 M&S voucher. “That seems too good to be true” […]

Light up my life!

Last weekend was my annual trip to Centerparcs with seven other women - more to the point, without husbands and kids!!!! Our ninth visit saw us another year older with increased aches and pains, dependency on reading glasses and frequent nightly trips to the loo! However, our fight for the best lit place on the […]