Amazing Grace

Before I forget, the organic re-education is still going strong. Less negative comments now by far.
Noticed in Asda today that Billingtons are now producing Fair Trade raw cane sugar from Malawi. A good start.
It reminded me of the scene in “Amazing Grace” where Wilberforce’s wife-to-be is explaining that she converted her friends to fair trade […]

Inspired to recycle?

My son was off school sick last Thursday. When boredom levels reached a peak, he decided to have a go at his GCSE Art coursework - a project on Rubbish. Whilst his artistic skills far exceed mine, he is always willing for me to help him come up with ideas…and on this subject, I would […]

Redressing the balance

As promised, the voice of reason will prevail here as opposed to the wacky suggestions in my previous posting - which by the way was far more entertaining than this will be, so I suggest you definitely read that one first!
In 50 WAYS TO BE MORE FRUGAL, there is an obvious link in some of […]


My Dad has the endearing habit of sending friends and family appropriate newspaper cuttings. My son receives all the news on the latest sports car; my husband reports of successful business ventures - and my latest offering? 50 WAYS TO BE MORE FRUGAL. (Daily Telegraph 12/9/07).Nothing personal, he would claim…just thought it would be […]


Gadget man was right. Humans are not granted the right to hibernate.
My aquafit teacher was right. Christmas is a-coming and needs some thought (another day).
My daughter’s teacher was right. Walking 40 minutes there and back to the bookshop with a group of kids to hear an author was a worthwhile and fun experience (so why […]


Anyone else out there feeling that bed is the most inviting place in the universe and that the compulsion to consume all things carbohydrate is unbeatable?
I blame it on our in-built instinct to hibernate, although gadget man’s retort is that we are not animals and that I should get my human head on!
Anyway, maybe hibernation […]

Organic re-education Part Two

Now that I am becoming convinced that organic food will be eaten if put in front of my perverse children, I feel ready to move on to Phase Two. This involves dropping lesser known facts about organic farming into conversation without it looking like I am trying to be persuasive.
My two major obstacles in this […]