Gadget man was right. Humans are not granted the right to hibernate.
My aquafit teacher was right. Christmas is a-coming and needs some thought (another day).
My daughter’s teacher was right. Walking 40 minutes there and back to the bookshop with a group of kids to hear an author was a worthwhile and fun experience (so why […]


Anyone else out there feeling that bed is the most inviting place in the universe and that the compulsion to consume all things carbohydrate is unbeatable?
I blame it on our in-built instinct to hibernate, although gadget man’s retort is that we are not animals and that I should get my human head on!
Anyway, maybe hibernation […]

Fish in the foreground

I don’t really understand the internet and pathologically resist all attempts by my husband to explain it, so a comment posted on my blog from someone at the Marine Stewardship Council freaked me out. To be honest, I have the wrong personality for a blogger - I care too much what people think; I worry […]

Material Concerns

For my fortieth birthday, my husband gave me a Bible and a tattoo (not literally, of course - he faints at the sight of needles!). IMHO, the two are not mutually exclusive, although some seem to think so. I have never had Leviticus quoted at me so often as then (”Do not cut your bodies […]

Hemp Heaven!

During an evening of ethical online retail therapy (the ultimate in guilt free shopping!), I came across an irresistible buy. Writing paper and envelopes sporting what looked like a cannabis leaf. Made of hemp, apparently. Perfect for my offbeat world-wandering niece!
Wanted to mention it here as something a bit wacky, but realised I know absolutely […]

Back to life, back to reality

Sorry if any of you have noticed that I have been away for six weeks. Not intended, not planned for, but necessary for my survival.
With five kids, the summer holidays are my personal Everest, the biggest challenge of my year. Not that I dislike my children, but my energy and patience levels (along with money, […]

Drink Wise

During the recent Bank Holiday weekend, I found myself with a group of people from all walks of life, with very different outlooks and very different opinions about everything! We were thrown together at Pontins in Southport (wow!) with one thing in common: we all had sons who played for the same football team - […]


For some unknown reason, I don’t believe my eleven year old son has had a single mention in my ramblings to date. Sorry mate.
Reflecting on this, I think it’s because he generally keeps his head down and keeps his comments to himself, not like most of the other members of this family!
It’s not always been […]

The Final Review

Just written all this once and lost it. I hate computers. Writing it again while it is fresh in my mind. Today the gym will have to wait. Thius is my list of tasks to do based on my last few blog entries:


Normally, I write loads of lists. You either do or you don’t. Although […]

Plan Do Review - Part 2

I have just reread up to the twentieth entry in Hometruth and have some further thoughts to share with you:-
On the subject of chocolate:
I have managed not to buy any of my recently relinquished favourite brand of chocolate in quite some time and am still trying to re-educate my palate. My head tells me that […]