1. Gadget man was right. Humans are not granted the right to hibernate.
  2. My aquafit teacher was right. Christmas is a-coming and needs some thought (another day).
  3. My daughter’s teacher was right. Walking 40 minutes there and back to the bookshop with a group of kids to hear an author was a worthwhile and fun experience (so why do I not feel inclined to leave my car keys at home everyday?)
  4. I was right. The Remarkable recycled stationery line do make good gifts for boys of a certain age.

Remarkable mouse matMore on that last point…..although I don’t like shops, I do like thinking of unusual gifts. I hate just putting money in an envelope - to my mind, it displays a lack of thought and imagination. Even if that probably means I’m known as the aunty who gives unpredictable presents or the friend with unusual taste!

And of course, I’ve had plenty of practice - with five kids and all the parties they get invited to, inspiration can wear a bit thin. Especially as they get older and the gift starts to reflect on the giver - if I choose a questionable present that I think is really cool, there’s a fair chance my boys will be too embarrassed to give it.

So anyway, I thought a mouse mat made of recycled tyres and pencils made from recycled cups were cool, so I ordered some for my depleted present box. My twelve year old son saw them lying around and miracle of miracles, thought they were cool too. Result: get a stock of pencils, rulers, pencil cases and mouse mats in and they will be great for Christmas and birthday presents for kids and adults alike.

The company is actually called Remarkable Pencils Ltd, because that’s how it started out.

Set up by Edward Douglas Millerin 1996 to look at what could be made from UK recycled materials, he began by experimenting with plastic cups with the aim of trying to turn one plastic cup into a pencil. He wanted to prove to the world that you could take one everyday, throwaway item and turn it into a new product. Judging by the range, the company have succeeded. The items are cool, functional and have a long second life. Santa, check out the website!

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