Close Encounters

I wouldn’t have said I was much of an earth mother or a tree hugger, but communing with nature definitely does work wonders.

One of my cherished tadpoles has lost his tail and is now a frog. Imagine my joy. As if that wasn’t enough, I ate the first two ripe raspberries to appear. More joy.

I missed the documentary a while back entitled “God is Green”. My guess is that the world Church will have been slated for its lack of concern for the environment. But God is green. When He created the world, it was good. Who could ever create anything as beautiful as my wild strawberry plant? Or as amazing a process as my new frog has been through? And when He created people, He gave us the job of respecting and caring for the natural world.

Then dissatisfaction sets in. Greed takes over.

When the frogs are gone, can we get some fish?”

When the cat dies, can I have a dog?

When the gerbil dies, I want a guinea pig.

Never satisfied.

Taking time to discover the wonders of nature in our back garden is good for all of us. We found a bundle of minute baby spiders that dispersed as fast as they could when disturbed, only to gradually return together when all was quiet. Amazing.

Ethical Superstore's SunJet Magic 290 Solar Pond PumpI do plan to get five fish, one each for the kids to name and feel responsible for. As for me, my heart is still set on a solar powered fountain. Actually, I was runner up in a short story competition recently and the fountain is going to be my momento - that’s my justification anyway.

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy the tadpoles as much as I can. When the rain stops, that is.

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