What a waste!

I hate waste. Here are ten of the worst offences that make me see red on a regular basis:
1. Books that are bought and never read
2. DVDs that are only ever watched once
3. The lake of milk left in a bowl of cereal when all the cereal has been eaten
4. Drawing on only one side […]

Cultural acceptance of speed

I am one of the lucky ones. I got caught speeding recently. In a Ford Transit minibus no less. I did not get three points on my licence. I got to attend a three hour speed awareness workshop instead. And this was where I was introduced to the idea of the cultural acceptance of speed.
And […]

Plan Do Review

Anyone familiar with primary education will recognise this process. My four year old is totally au fait with it! She loves to tell me what she decided in ‘planning’.
Anyway, I felt I could do with a bit of the same. This blog is mainly the planning (and pontificating, ranting, rambling etc) and leads on to […]

Three cheers for home baking!

Our church has recently started running a fair trade coffee morning every Saturday and we were approached to help. We were hesitant to commit to actually being there on a regular basis, although I suspect Gadget Man views it as a welcome distraction from the inevitable weekend list of DIY jobs. What with ballet, parties, […]